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Global and local trends have identified that instant wireless communication for organizations is best achieved by two-way radio. At the press of button, one individual can talk to one team member or one thousand team members. To date, two-way radios are making a significant impact in the way organizations in The Bahamas execute their daily operations.

Our radios are equipped with built in Global Positioning System (“GPS”) technology, which operates on an LTE cellular network. The advanced GPS technology makes our two-way communication system one of the best – bar none.

With SunCom’s two-way communication platform, our customers are able to:

Communicate effectively to all handset users (“users”) with a voice annunciator that enables a crisp, clear and high-quality sound.

-Unlike cell phones – two-way radios often include features that reduce wind noise and allow resistance to vibration, extreme temperatures and wet conditions.

Locate and identify all users throughout the entire Bahamas (and around the world).

Communicate instantly to all users by group call or private calls.

Monitor, track and view call logs via the dispatch console platform.

-The Dispatch Console is 100% secured to the assigned subscriber. Once an account has been created and the subscriber creates the secure password, ONLY that person will have full access to all platform features, such as call logs and track history. No other persons or subscribers will have access to that information unless the password has been given. The dispatch console also gives you the ability to identify where each radio is at all times.